wtorek, 24 czerwca 2008

Pearl Hunter

Pendant: 2 sides - Shells, fw pearls, wire (golden colour)
Agate on the Moon

Pendant: Agate, Mop shell moons, Jade, sp cone, chain
Pearl fantasy

Necklace: FW pearls, sp wire
Magic Garden

Necklace: Ocean jasper, Mop shell, Fluorite, FW pearls, sp wire
Northern Lights

Pendant: Agate, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver wire

Pendant: Agate, Jade, wire
Follow the yellow brick road

Necklace: Jade, Mop shell, Picture Jasper, Amber, Tiger Eye

poniedziałek, 16 czerwca 2008

Copper Agate

Pendant: Agate, copper wire
Money behind bars

Pendant: 3 coins (different currencies), metal bezel, wire

poniedziałek, 9 czerwca 2008

Deep in the woods

Pendant: Agate, Cloissone, MOP shell, Ocean Jasper, FW Pearl, silver plated cone
The Prophet

Necklace: Amethyste, Onyx, Silver plated chain and wire
Viking's Axe

Pendant: Agate, silver pl wire
Amethyste Star Dust

Earrings: faceted Amethyste, Silver pl wire, Sterling Silver Star Dust beads, Sterling Silver ear wires
The other side of the Rainbow

Bracelet: faceted Jasper, silver plated findings, black clasp

środa, 4 czerwca 2008

Blue Lagoon

Bracelet: Turquoise, Howlites, MOP Shell, Stardust beads, sp wire, black clasp
Titania Queen of Fairies

Set - Earrings & Pendant: Opal, silver plated wire and beads, sterling silver ear wires