wtorek, 24 czerwca 2008

Pearl Hunter

Pendant: 2 sides - Shells, fw pearls, wire (golden colour)
Agate on the Moon

Pendant: Agate, Mop shell moons, Jade, sp cone, chain
Pearl fantasy

Necklace: FW pearls, sp wire
Magic Garden

Necklace: Ocean jasper, Mop shell, Fluorite, FW pearls, sp wire
Northern Lights

Pendant: Agate, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver wire

Pendant: Agate, Jade, wire
Follow the yellow brick road

Necklace: Jade, Mop shell, Picture Jasper, Amber, Tiger Eye

poniedziałek, 16 czerwca 2008

Copper Agate

Pendant: Agate, copper wire
Money behind bars

Pendant: 3 coins (different currencies), metal bezel, wire

poniedziałek, 9 czerwca 2008

Deep in the woods

Pendant: Agate, Cloissone, MOP shell, Ocean Jasper, FW Pearl, silver plated cone
The Prophet

Necklace: Amethyste, Onyx, Silver plated chain and wire
Viking's Axe

Pendant: Agate, silver pl wire
Amethyste Star Dust

Earrings: faceted Amethyste, Silver pl wire, Sterling Silver Star Dust beads, Sterling Silver ear wires
The other side of the Rainbow

Bracelet: faceted Jasper, silver plated findings, black clasp

środa, 4 czerwca 2008

Blue Lagoon

Bracelet: Turquoise, Howlites, MOP Shell, Stardust beads, sp wire, black clasp
Titania Queen of Fairies

Set - Earrings & Pendant: Opal, silver plated wire and beads, sterling silver ear wires

wtorek, 27 maja 2008

Crystal Oracle

Pendant: Lemurian Quartz Crystal, silver shade thread, metal bezel
In the net

Pendant: Shell and silver pl wire
Black and White Magic

Pendant: Swarovski Crystals, Onyx, black metal cones, wire

Pendant: Tiger Eye, seed beads, silver pl wire
Fade to black

Earrings: Onyx, Sterling silver wire and hooks

Necklace: Obsidian Snowflake, Jade, Ocean Jasper (leaves), silver pl wire

sobota, 24 maja 2008

Three Towers

Pendant: Lampwork, black metal cones, antique copper beads, wire

Bracelet: Onyx, Lava, wire
Lemuria in Smoke

Pendant: Lemurian Quartz Crystal, Smoky Quartz, wire

poniedziałek, 19 maja 2008

Bermuda Blue

Pendant: Swarovski teardrop, silver pl cone
Salt'n Pepa

Earrings: Agate, Smoky Quartz, sp wire, sterling silver hook wires

sobota, 17 maja 2008

Herne the Hunter

Pendant: Agate, beads, coiled wire

Necklace: Baltic Amber & MOP Shell
in Armour of wire

Pendant: Agate, Swarovski crystals, wire

czwartek, 15 maja 2008

Silver Sapphire

Necklace: FW Pearls, Swarovski Sapphire Bicones

Wire wrapped Agate

środa, 14 maja 2008

Agates Landscape

Necklace: Agate, Carnelian Agate, Picture Jasper, sp findings, wire
Sweet Fantasy

Pendant: Agate, sp beads, wire, natural stones, MOP shell, pearls

wtorek, 13 maja 2008

Swarovski Aurora Borealis

Pendant: Swarovski Crystal AB, sp cone
Future in the Past

Pendant: Agate, Opal, Swarovski Bicones and Cosmic Ring, wire, chain
Wonderland II

Pendant: Agate, Mop Shell, Lampwork, copper bead, black metal cone, chain

Pendant: Agate, Mop Shells, Pink Qartz, sp cone, chain
Tree of Joy

Pendant: Agate, Peridot, Jade, Tiger Eye, Citrine, wire, metal bezel

Necklace: Labradorite, sp chains
Night Sky

Necklace: FW Pearls, Swarovski Bicones, 925 Silver Lobster Clasp
Wizard of Oz

Pendant: Agate, Carnelian Agate, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Chain
Agate and it's Troops

Pendant/Necklace: Agate, Dalmatian Jasper, Red Jasper, Amber, Cherry Quartz, FW Pearls, MOP Shell, Seed Beads
Tiger Eye Chained

Bracelet: Tiger Eye, wire and chain
Open-work Opal

Faceted and plain Opal and sp clasp

niedziela, 11 maja 2008

Cosmic Odyssey

Desert Sun Beads and lots of wire
Snow White

MOP Shell, FW Pearls, Wire
Goldie Blue

Lampwork, FW Pearls, Beads, Wire
Sceptre of Fire

Lampwork, Swarovski, Sterling Silver